Oriental specializes in processing marble blocks into slabs. The Company’s processing units are capable of producing more than 7 million square feet of marble slabs per annum.

All of the processing facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery namely Gang-saws and Automated Resin Lines with Robotic Feeds, Automated Line Polishers, all imported from SEI (Italy) which is one of the pioneers and leaders in manufacturing machineries for the marble industry.

The automatic resin line with robotic feeds is a highly complex advanced resin application system with controlled heating and drying which ensures even penetration of the resin even in the microscopic holes and cracks. The manual application of the resin with drying under the sun, which most Indian suppliers of natural marbles deploy, does not and cannot match the quality achieved with the automatic resin line. Thus ensuring that the marble processed by Oriental is similar to the quality of marble processed in Europe.